6 Self Help Books for Creative Entrepreneurs 


If you’re on the hunt to pick up a new book, I’ve put together a list of my top 6 must-read self help books I’ve read that helped me as a creative entrepreneur with my mindset and helped me grow:

01. Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert 

There is a reason this book is on every single creative entrepreneur’s list. It’s an absolute work of art. 

There are so many beautiful stories in this book and you really get a behind the scenes look at what it’s like to live as a creative soul and work in a creative industry. 

I love the way Elizbeth Gilbert reads her own books (I’ve also listened to eat pray love) so I picked this up as an audio-book and highly highly recommend you do the same. If you haven’t tried an audiobook before, this is a good one to start with. 

02. Atomic Habits by James Clear 

You may have heard before “do something for 28-days and it will become a habit” … well, that is kind of BS. 

In Atomic Habits, James Clear takes you on a deep dive into the psychology behind habits, and provides you with micro-action steps on how to break bad habits, and how to create new ones. 

And the best part about it, is it’s all totally do-able. 

If you’re ready to make some changes for the good in your life and business, this book is a must read. 

03. You Are a Badass/ You are a Badass at Making Money by Jen Sincero

So I’ve included two books here (which technically makes this a list of 7 must-read books) but because they both follow the same premise and are by the same author I’ve chalked them into one. 

To start, Jen Sincero is FUNNY and relatable as hell. I loved reading both these books. 

If you can vibe with a little bit of “woo-woo” and are ready to change your mindset, and have a few laughs, pick up both of these books ASAP. 

04. Mastering Your Mean Girl by Melissa Ambrosin

You know that voice inside your head that tells you you are good enough or smart enough? Well that’s your mean girl, and she totally sucks! 

This book has helped me think differently, recognize when I’m hanging out in “fear town” and has actionable steps to step into the best version of yourself. 

I highly recommend this book if you’re dealing with imposter syndrome and ready to show up with confidence! 


05. The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod 

Ready to rock your morning routine? Hal Elrod has cracked the secret of successful people – and it has to do with their mornings. 

By using his “Life S.A.V.E.R.S.” framework, get ready to take control of your mornings and set yourself up for success for the rest of your day, everyday. 

Even if you’re not a morning person (I used to hate mornings), do yourself a favour and add this to your list. 


06. Everything is Figureoutable by Marie Forleo 

In life in business, set-backs are going to happen. They’re inevitable. 

In Marie’s book, she helps you work through whatever setbacks may be thrown your way and totally calls out your lame excuses of why you can’t overcome them.  

Anytime I hit a roadblock in life, I now take a step back and remind myself “this too is figureoutable”.

Get yourself out of a self-pity funk and give this a read. 

Do you have any other favourite self-help books for creative entrepreneurs that I’ve missed? I would love to add them to my reading list! Send me a message!