Questions to Discover Your Ideal Client 


So you might have heard it a few times before, but ultimately, your branding needs to be created around a combination of what you have to offer and how that attracts your ideal client. 

But before you can build a brand that attracts that ideal client, you need to figure out who that ideal client is!  

As part of the discovery process with all of my design projects, we’ll take a deep dive into an Ideal Client Discovery questionnaire. 

And from that questionnaire, I wanted to cover the top 5 questions that help you really get to the heart of your ideal clients, and why these questions are so important. 


01. Who are your ideal clients heroes? 

This is a great question to get things moving and really dig into the mindset of your clients. It helps you understand what they value in life and why.

And I find most of the time, your heroes will usually reflect the heroes of your ideal client.

Connect with your ideal clients over these heroes.  


02. What are your ideal clients long term and short term goals? 

With this question, I want you to think about what your ideal client is trying to achieve in their life, and then figure out how you fit into that goal.

Do you help them achieve their short term or long term goals? Maybe your product or service doesn’t help them achieve either top goal, but a smaller goal.

All of these goals are important to consider for your ideal client and to see where your product or service fits in to ultimately reach their big goals. 


03. What does your ideal client need that they currently do not have? 

This question is a bit more straight to the point. What are your ideal clients’ needs and does your product or service solve that need?

You can even go deeper with this question and ask “why does your ideal client need this”.

If you haven’t picked up yet, I like to ask “why” a lot, like an annoying 4 year old. 


04. What is your ideal client perfect day like? Describe it. 

I like this question because there’s a bunch of different ways you can run with it.

Their perfect day, do they achieve this because of your product or service? Or is your product or service a part of what makes that day perfect? Maybe there is there something else that is a part of their ideal day that you can bring into your branding or business? 


05. What brands does your ideal client buy from regularly?

Asking this question and answering it from your ideal client’s perspective is important to help figure out where your brand fits in with other brands out there that are currently successful.

Are there any values of their favourite brands that align with your brand’s values? Can your brand voice and messaging come off in a similar way to the brands they already love? 


I hope taking a peek behind the curtain and digging into they “why’ behind these ideal client discovery questions help you figure out who your dreamy clients are. 

And if you want to take a full dive into ideal client discovery, you can download my ENTIRE Ideal Client Discovery Questionnaire below: